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[22 May 2018|08:48pm]


hey lineart, the sun is getting real low and i'm bringing you vincent "vinnie" morricone, forty-five year old, brooklyn born misanthrope with a love of literature, coffee and pasta. in cv he's beast, and [redacted] to keep from filling this up with bad jokes, i'm just going to ask for lines as i put the final touches on his biography. he works as a book editor and an adjunct professor at harvard and dreams of writing the ‘next great american novel’. he likes music, a good scotch, nicotine patches, vintage motorcycles, the ladies and the mens. organic lines are 👌 but i'd love to get some more connections going if i can. he's best buds with [info]destroys and [info]magnets and has something strange and beautiful brewing with [info]yiff. other connections include [info]rains, [info]tsume, [info]modifying and [info]projection but still working those out.

[15 May 2018|09:12pm]


after going back and forth and all around i've decided to pull the trigger and go through with bringing her to all you lovely people! alison carter, au counterpart of dazzler. i won't bore you with all the details as you can take a peek at her bio, but a couple important notes: '

• her father's a moderately successful musician who she didn't meet until she was ten.
• she is fairly musical herself, though takes much more to the business side.
• her pride and joy is a music venue based off of boston's own paradise rock club which is called lightengale armory. it may or may not have a full recording studio in the basement, because why not?

just for convenience, i'm also using the schedule for paradise rock club. i'll be working out details for other showcases and different events they may also have going on. it will be fun, promise! as far as lines, she's very open where that goes. she has a best friend in [info]bugs who unbeknownst to anyone (even him) was a main factor in her divorce a couple years back. [info]rains is a friend through the club as the two have collaborated on showcases in the past. i'd love to iron out a few more things (especially with all you x-people!) from exes, to people she knew when she was interning in nyc, anyone who's been to her venue, employees, friends... etc.

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