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[15 Aug 2018|10:09am]


greetings, lineart!
i am here to (burden you with?) introduce you to the creatively named william ‘billy’ caplan a.k.a. billy kaplan or wiccan in cv! this hot mess (i ruined a perfectly good cv—look at it, it’s got anxiety) is a long time boston resident who currently attends boston university (he takes as many of his classes online as possible) and works as a bartender while making super dorky faceless youtube videos about indie game lore (think of, like, a really unpopular and unpolished game theory) in his spare time for fun. he was a bullied kid in high school and retains much of that paranoia even today—but he’s more on the mildly prickly and shy side than actually rude or anything. he has wildly varied dorky interests, and is probably a little too smart to actually be the aimless mess that he presents himself as being, but that’s a first world millennial problem he’ll tackle later, he swears. he volunteers as a crisis counselor a few nights a week in an effort to give back (since he always wonders what his teen years would have been like if help had seemed more accessible to him), but he still hasn’t found much in the way of direction.

for lines as of now he has a longtime friend and roomie in [info]stinger, a co-worker buddy in [info]magikal, a former college classmate turned good friend in [info]lightforces, and something pending with [info]arcum, but he is in need of lines with everyone, especially fellow young bloods, from both sides of the great dc/marvel divide. give me your exes, your bar patrons, your sloppy students, your fellow dorks and nerds and even the kids he is obviously too uncool to know, we will make it work anyway.

[13 Aug 2018|04:34pm]


Salut! I introduce Kaytlin Snow, aka Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost, a 32 year-old Theoretical Physicist who is lacking all kinds of emotional intelligence which was the fatal cause of her marriage. Think Sheldon Cooper season one! Sarcasm still goes over her head. Apologies are still hard for her to muster up. She has a PhD and when she introduces herself she states her name with Doctor before it. She has no true conscience and her views/morals a largely grey in every single area. Kay is a major workaholic, working out of a physics lab within the confines of M.I.T. and yes, she commutes constantly though she tends to fall asleep in her office at work. She has no hobbies outside of work, though she tries to at least “try new things” according to her parents.

As for a brief description of her history, she is a transplant from Pasadena, California. She was a child prodigy growing up, earning her PhD when she was 18 years old and started working for the Hadron Collider for years. Marriage was with her first boyfriend, and divorce came because she was unemotionally attached to her husband. Their divorce was lengthy due to her lack of forgetting to file paperwork at the right time. She moved to Boston (West End area) in 2016 right after her divorce was finalized.

She can use little to just about everything and anything! I can’t really think of anything else atm, but here she is for all of you to play tug and tag with! Also I'm thinking of changing her pb and if anyone has any ideas I am completely down with hearing them!

this is probably too long [13 Aug 2018|02:50pm]



Hope y'all are surviving your monday! I'm here to introduce Miss Eve Killeen, also known as Siobhan McDougal/Silver Banshee in cv. The youngest sister of [info]brutal, Eve has spent the last four years avoiding reality and playing rockstar in California but has recently returned to Boston to finish out her doctorate in Physical Therapy and hopefully mend some broken relationships with her friends and family.

I have a roughly outlined bio here but essentially she's always had a love/hate relationship with her upbringing, especially after losing her mother at such a young age. She's stubborn and driven and easily hides behind the "spoiled princess" facade, as she thinks it makes for an easy excuse when she has to make hard decisions. Recently divorced, it was after her middle brother's overdose that she allowed herself to sink into a fantasy life where she thought she'd get to do what she loves most with her soul mate. Unfortunately for Eve, her life has never ever worked that way and after just a couple of years the magic began to fade.

Eve is nothing if not resilient and has always been able to pick herself up and push forward and that's exactly what she's doing now. She's been back since July and only just moved from a resident hotel to her own place this past week. She only has a couple of credits until she graduates and so next thing in order is to see if she can enroll in a program to finish them up in the spring. She'll also be looking for employment (she has a Master's degree in Physical Therapy from BU but is open to doing almost anything - as long as it's legal) and perhaps some new bandmates. Personality wise she's a tom boy, for sure. She loves rock 'n roll and drinking whiskey and refuses to take shit from anyone. She has a weird nostalgia for the early 90's, which probably isn't that weird considering when she lost her mother and she certainly knows how to amp up her female charms when it comes in the most handy.

I'm still debating pbs (I've got Phoebe held but am torn between her and Stella Maxwell) and have to still fill in all the cv stuff for her bio but in the meantime I'd love lines and things! She needs pretty much everything - neighbors, friends from back in the day (she moved to Cali in 2014), people who know her brother, CV junk, fellow musicians, future coworkers, maybe an ex or possible future swipeboston date... anything!


[12 Aug 2018|07:33am]


So Miss Renae Singleton has been here for a year! I still can’t believe. Your favorite wolf. It’s been really hard because I hit a hard spot in March-May after her break up. So let me just do this one post since it has been a bit from the previous one. This Halloween baby turns 30 this year. She has been working at the same place with ~aerodynamics. She looks up to ~tsume and ~rains a lot. She still adores the fire out of ~betrayal but is wary. Renae has been roommates with ~cloned for a couple of months now which she has a slew of neighbors to follow, and she has gained a new friend with ~demonian and ~caped.

Now with everything being said, I hoped to have her unveiled in the next couple of months. It’s getting all those points! So I would love all the scenes or plots you want to throw at me. I will attempt all of the narratives you want to throw at me.

Her back story: This Scottish accent woman is an all around Boston native. Her mother passed away when she was two. Her biological father adopted her which she still believes he is her adoptive father only. He was a pastor while his wife was one of the nicu doctors. Growing up going to church, sing was heavily involved and done the whole choir thing. She never missed a curfew and always did her homework, very obedient. Renae went to Northeastern while her freshmen year fell apart because her parents died in a car crash. Her adoptive family thinks of her as a lost cause and cut off all communication with her. So her family is really her close friends. ~aerodynamics father took her under his wings and molded her into who she is today. She knows five different languages still working Russian, handles the clients during meetings, she is the perfect assistant.

Again, if want to work something out or do scenes, I’m totally down.

[06 Aug 2018|06:43pm]


alrighty, this is wendy simpson aka spider-gwen, a 27ish year old cocktail server who ditched higher education because she realized she could make as much (if not more) working around white collar dudes with too much money to throw around, who think that they can throw money at a pretty face and get whatever they want (but on the low she feeds information to [info]spidering about them and their doings, because she's a good person with a good heart/conscience). she's actually quite bright and gifted as well as talented, using the freetime she has to compose music on youtube/occasionally tour (think scott bradlee's post-modern jukebox) and is pretty used to people being a little belittling and condescending to her. with all of that, she really doesn't see the point in an office and/or laboratory job, because she's doing just fine on her own -- and her job is to help others help others, so she's cool with it.

she is a little temperamental at times, stubborn and strong-willed as all get out, with a cheeky and snarky sense of humour. wendy's also hyper-aware of how people may judge her for her looks and her basic job, and is quick to point out she's highly intelligent (and that includes picking a lane where work won't stress her out and be a drag, she's pretty happy where she is). wendy doesn't really hold grudges, however, and works to be a good person and a good friend.

wendy could use about anything! she's friends with [info]bilingual and [info]feisty, even tho that may or may not potentially be awkward come cv-week, exes with [info]spidered, and works to help out [info]spidering in selling out shady old white collar dudes, but that's super sekrit.

she could use anything and everything else! all of it.

screened! [06 Aug 2018|05:33pm]


beautiful people! i’m leaving on a jet plane on friday for a month in an ass-backward timezone with fleeting availability, so this is hella premature but i like my ducks in rows. nat’s still a sad panda about last cv week, so while i’m going easy on her, she’s around for run-ins/scandal/snuggles/saving lives. if you need/want her for anything, let me know before my day becomes my night! <3

[04 Aug 2018|08:08pm]


Good evening to all! Or morning? Afternoon even depending on when you read this. I did a cv swap for this girl about a week ago and just been too slow getting things in motion but I'm here finally. This is Gabby, also known during CV times as Monet St. Croix. She was born in Boston but left in her early teens to live with her father primarily in France. Career wise she's dabbled in modeling but works as a freelance translator as she has a knack for languages and is fluent in several after spending a few years after college roaming. She only moved back to the city in January of this year with her son with [info]singe which is pretty much all I got in the way of lines so I could use everything. Childhood friends left behind. Friendly types she could met on her travels, other new mothers, whatever I'm in!

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